Monday, January 31, 2005

Licoes na vida, no amor, e em portuguese...

JS has been in Brazil for work all week. I'll be honest - I intended to use the extra time to get to know JT a little better. After all, we met after JS and I had already hung out a few times, so I thought it only fair to give equal time to each bachelor.

What's weird, though, is that despite my other options here, I find myself missing JS. And it forces me to wonder if I could possibly know and care enough about him in this early stage to be missing him. I check my email constantly to see if there is a new message in Portuguese waiting for me. I'm even learning a little Portuguese myself! There is a six hour time difference between here and Brazil, making it difficult (not to mention horribly expensive) to talk on the phone. So you can imagine my surprise when he called me on Wednesday. From Brazil. And twice more on Saturday. And again on Sunday. And again today. (ed. note: Most everyone who reads this blog knows from several recent dating disasters that I am quickly and easily turned off by guys who show too much interest, too fast. So this is kind of a big deal that I'm not annoyed, but rather excited, to get his calls.) He comes home in two days, and will apparently come bearing gifts. YAY! But it's not the gifts that I'm most excited about. (Although it's definitely earning him some extra points!) I'm really excited to see him. To talk to him.

Today when we were talking, he mentioned that he has to go back in a few weeks. And with this announcement, there arose much booing from the masses. He is supposed to be gone from the 14th to the 21st. More booing still! Valentine's Day and President's Day. Now I don't actually celebrate President's Day. I promise you, my faithful readers, I'm not that weird. But I have the day off from work, so it could have been a fun long weekend. And as for V-Day, or Singles Awareness Day, as it has come to be known in my household for the last two years, I was certainly not expecting that we would have plans. After all, this thing, whatever it is, is still very new. But then came the good news. He is postponing his trip so that he can be with me on the 14th. And a thundering could be heard throughout all the land as the crowds united in a harmonious cheer, YAY again!

And so it would seem that I do have plans on February 14. More importantly, though, in this short-lived, although very trying, dating drama of late, the verdict has at last come in...

And the jury's unanimous decision is...


Spreadsheet, meet trash bin*.

*Edited. Thank you, Emily, for pointing out that computer files are not actually recycleable. Damn that Microsoft for brainwashing all of us!

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undercover celebrity said...

How very ecologically-friendly of you to recycle the spreadsheet. Isn't it curious that the fine folks at Microsoft have brainwashed us into recycling? These are digital files, there's not recycling that occurs. You erase the files. Throw them out for the refuse that they are.

No landfills are being overrun by my deleted files. Nor are any recycling plants being kept in business.