Monday, January 03, 2005

First Things...Well, Not First.

A few things about me (we'll go with 29, in honor of my 29th birthday this year):

  1. In my world (the reality that exists in my mind), I am a rock star (or jazz or swing or any of the other genres I sing, but a star nonetheless!).
  2. I am a dog person – to be specific, I am a mutt person. I’ve adopted both of my puppies from a local shelter, though I am quite sure they will not be the last who will be rescued by my suckered heart.
  3. I have an irrational fear of birds, stemming from a near-eye-pecking-out incident with a crow that I dare say was tantamount to Hitchcock’s famed movie.
  4. I come from a big family – 4 siblings, 2 sisters-in-law, 1 niece; but my extended family is where it gets really impressive – roughly 60 cousins and 17 aunts/uncles.
  5. My parents are still together after 30 years, and what’s more impressive, they still adore each other.
  6. I am an ice cream fiend, despite the advice from my doctor to avoid dairy.
  7. For that matter, I am a sugar fiend. (Is there anyone who doesn't look forward to Girl Scout cookie time?)
  8. I competed internationally in latin ballroom dance for 5 years.
  9. I have a tattoo. (But I’ve never pierced anything other than my ears.)
  10. I have had cosmetic surgery. (Any guesses?)
  11. I am a natural blonde.
  12. I am a perfectionist, overly self-critical, I can't take a compliment, and I'm much too competitive.
  13. I cannot feign mystery – I have always worn my heart on my sleeve, at times to my detriment.
  14. I fall in love too easily.
  15. I am perpetually 15-20 minutes late for EVERYTHING. Much thanks to all my friends and loved ones who accept me this way and don't complain, at least to my face. An even bigger thank you to my employer for not firing my sorry ass for being late every day.
  16. About halfway through (if it's really good, I'll make it to 3/4), I skip to the end of books so I don’t have to read the whole thing.
  17. I have a strange addiction to collecting DVDs, specifically Disney, even though I do not yet have children.
  18. My music taste ranges from musicals to jazz to rap to classical to country to rock to…you name it.
  19. I love rollercoasters - the faster, higher, loopier, crazier, the better!
  20. I could jump on a trampoline for hours. (And even at my age, I can still do most of my younger, gymnast-day tricks!)
  21. When it comes to board games, I can't get enough!
  22. Video games, however, are another thing entirely. I never even passed level 1-1 on Super Mario Bros. Hand-eye coordination: NONE.
  23. I've never tried lobster.
  24. Anyone who's eaten lunch with me even once can tell you that I am a picky eater. Mostly based on texture. Shrimp, for example, make me want to throw up a little. In my mouth. Bananas, mushrooms, bleu cheese, most nuts...same thing.
  25. I did the vegetarian thing for two years. But I quickly saw the error of my ways, and have since evolved into a filet-loving carnivore, never to turn back again!
  26. I hyperventilate when I snorkel.
  27. I am something of a chameleon - I am a girly ski bunny, a snowboarding/wakeboarding grommet, a preppy golfer, and a kick-ass mountain biker (although this one I'm still learning), all in one.
  28. I learned to speak French when I was about 10 (thanks, Dad!), but didn't make it to France until I was 22.
  29. I live a very blessed life, and I am thankful for it every day. New Year's Resolution: Never take anything for granted.

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undercover celebrity said...

Love this!
Cosmetic surgery... a nose job? Just kidding. You're breasts are fabulous -- and coming to an internet site near you. :)