Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Any Dream Will Do

Dave and I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on Sunday with Emily and Mark. The cheese factor was pretty high, but I always enjoy seeing a show. (Wicked was next on our list, but was regrettably sold out the moment tickets went on sale.)

And it got me to thinking...

Why have I never done a musical? I've been singing and dancing all my life, and Lord knows I'm a little bit dramatic. So why haven't I put these skills together and to good use? In high school it wasn't cool to be associated with the drama kids, and being a cheerleader I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't get involved in the musical theater program. And in college I didn't sing as much, so I could focus on my dancing. Then I got into a career, and well, I just never found the time.

But there's nothing quite like the rush of performing to a live audience (although I also love doing studio recordings). I enjoy singing with my three bands and occasionally at church, and I think I would love to be in a musical. Preferrably as the star, but any part would do. A good friend of mine played the lead in Miss Saigon several times, and I always envied that experience just a little bit. I know the music for most of the popular shows, having seen quite a few live and owning the soundtrack for at least 20 more.

So I think I'm finally going to audition -- just for a local production. (After all, my resume is pretty unimpressive in this field. And I don't think I'm the touring type.) So stay tuned...


Heart Of Darkness said...

I danced a lot when I was a child, but stopped between third and fourth grade. I still don't know why, and regret it every day.
Always painted, but never did anything with the paintings. Until recently. I got so frustrated and angry with myself, letting my talent just fade away (okay, I'm not being incredibly selfcentered here, I just prefer to see myself as somewhat talented!:) ) - so now I'm having my first gallery opening, all September! I'm worth a gallery opening!

I wanted something and went for it. I did my best, and now, maybe I'll get rewarded. I was scared as hell I would get rejected and unable to handle it, but I did it nonetheless. And thank God. Now, all I'm terrified about is the actual opening! :)

Take care & go for what you really want. Try it. The worst that can happen is that you can cross it off your list, right? :)

Loving your blog!

Edge said...

I've been wondering the same thing myself for years.

I hope you can find a part!


Christi said...

I know you will get a part. Of course it should be the part of a princess or a beautiful someone. Good luck, I will be the first one at your show!

Paul said...

Sweeney Todd. I say you put on your own production of that.