Monday, May 08, 2006

Top Ten Reasons Why I Have an Ulcer

  1. Dave and I are trying to save for a house, which in Southern California comes at the bargain price of $600,000. For a two-bedroom condo!
  2. And my ring.
  3. And our wedding.
  4. And our eventual children's college funds. (Okay, so we're not actively saving for this one quite yet, but it stresses me out just to think about it! Or maybe it's the whole having kids thing that stresses me out. Either way, stress!)
  5. I am overworked, underappreciated and seriously underpaid (I know, who isn't, right?!) at a job that most days, I hate.
  6. So I'm looking for a new one.
  7. Of late, the gradual falling out with my sister and with a friend have come to a head.
  8. I am going back to school at the end of this month (read: less disposable income and less me-time).
  9. Bathing suit season is upon us.
  10. Most of the things I want to write about here (read: vent), I can't. But trust me, they're stressful.

So yeah, I could use a Xanax. Or a bottle of wine and a long massage. Or a vacation. Or maybe a cocktail mixing all of the above for optimum results.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Try living in Manhattan. I'd love to find a two-bedroom for only $600k. The one in my building that is currently up for sale is $1.6M.

I know, I know. That doesn't help you any.

Carl Spackler said...

i can't believe you are worrying about #4 when 2 and 3 haven't happened yet. although, its good that you are planning ahead considering most people don't. anyway, you won't have to worry about this once you are a big music star!

Montezuma's Revenge said...

Tell Dave to start working harder or put in overtime.

Belinda said...

So, to unwind, you'll be at BlogHer, right? I mean, you're already IN California!

OK, I have the answer--move over here, where you can get a 3,000 SF house on 5 acres for around $200,000. Of course, finding someone to pay California salaries out here might be tough. Hmmm. Lemme think on this some more.

Jill said...

Hi Nicole,
I received my Lost Blogs prize and I love it! You guys are fantastic! I've put up a link with a pic of the cd cover in my sidebar under acknowledgements. Thanks for the CD. I am sorry you are so stressed. I hope you get to indulge in some relaxation soon.

Carl Spackler said...

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly

Miladysa said...

A wedding! Congratulations :)

Nocturnal said...

$600,000? Damn, that's expensive. Per your list, U2 are due to chill out in Coronado Island for a while and de-stress.