Tuesday, May 17, 2005

All Grown Up

As she walked gracefully down the petal-laden steps to become my sister-in-law, his smile extended from ear to ear and his eyes filled up with tender tears. She was beautiful. And about to be his forever. Happiness, love, excitement, and a slight sense of disbelief filled the thick South Carolina air last Saturday afternoon.

I can't believe how grown up he is. Although we are separated by little more than a year, he is still my little brother. The little brother who I played with and fought with. The little brother who I have always loved. The little brother who I worried about for so many years. The little brother who I prayed would be kept safe. The little brother who I always believed was an incredible person with a huge heart. The little brother whose life has so dramatically changed in the last few years.

And I'm so proud of him. I'm proud of the amazing man he has become. I'm proud of the life he has chosen. I'm proud to call him not only my brother, but also a friend.

There are not appropriate words to express my emotions that day. Perhaps words will eventually come, but for now I will just say that I love you, little brother, more than you know. That I'm proud of you. That I thank God every day for keeping you safe. And that I am so excited for the new life that awaits you and your lovely bride.


undercover celebrity said...

Here are your questions.

1. Name your favorite 80’s teen icon.

2. If you were a boy, what were your parents going to name you?

3. If today were groundhog’s day (like the Bill Murray movie) what would you have done differently, knowing that you could re-do it tomorrow?

4. If your name no longer contained letters, only numbers, what would you go by?

5. What’s the worst lie you ever told and got caught for? – I won’t make you “out” yourself on a lie that no one’s discovered.

Rico said...

Found you on Amber's site. I liked this post about your brother. I on the other hand, am the big brother. I felt the same way about my little sis at her wedding. But now you made me feel bad about my post today. I dedicated it to her.