Thursday, October 29, 2009


I won't even try to explain my absence. So let's just move on...

I hope you're all watching Glee on Fox. It is such a great show, and totally takes me back to my days in show choir. Now, I realize that high school was many years ago, or maybe my school just wasn't as modern as some others, but our "glee club" wasn't nearly as fun as the one on this show. We didn't get to sing contemporary songs or wear normal-ish costumes. (I would post a photo of our red/black, spandex, flame-design dresses, but it's just too embarassing!) And I have to give major props to Tim Davis, because the vocal arrangements are just incredible! What's more impressive is that most of the actors are singing their own parts. And even if you're not into the music like I am, the writing is very funny and well, anything that Jane Lynch does is alright in my book. Anyway, all this is to say that if you're not watching, you should be. Wednesday nights at 9PM on Fox.

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