Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Holiday Housewarming

Hoping that most of our invitees would have more freedom in their schedules to attend our party, we avoided the craziness of the holiday season's festivities and held our holiday/housewarming party the first Saturday in January. And attend they did... in droves! There were about 50 of our closest friends and family packed into our little 1250-square-foot condo! I suppose the heavy rains that weekend helped clear everyone's schedules of other non-rain-friendly activities. But we were nonetheless honored that they all chose to spend their evening with us, some even making the trek from LA (about 55 miles on average) for our little soiree!

Our signature drink flopped (way too sweet, but thankfully we had the cocktail carousel there to save the day!), but the multitude of hors d-oeuvres were a hit. For a good portion of the night I couldn't even see my little Gracie walking around amidst the hundreds (literally) of legs. But she was the belle of the ball and she survived. As did the expensive new rug and wine glasses. Not a single glass was broken, nor spot made on the carpet. What lovely, respectful friends we have! Then toward the end of the night the party migrated to our third-floor loft (where the pole is installed) for a little debauchery. (OK, no real debauchery was had, but there were some amusing moments as friends tried to spin round the pole without the benefit of the months upon months of training I've received. That's why I need to hold a class at my home for my girlfriends - so they can know what they're doing next time!)

So now our house is warmed.



Soula said...

I actually watched an episode of king of queens tonight (on tivo) about carrie taking pole dancing classes and it made me think of you because you had mentioned before you had a pole installed in your house.( as did the Doug and Carrie on KOQ, much to Doug's dimay. haha)

karla said...

My party invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

LisaJolley said...

Hey Hey! I still always want to call you "Nikki" but I'll refrain for your sake. I was so excited to find that you are a blogger. I was thinking about you this weekend (after a conversation I had with a friend about throwing up down the 91 freeway out the window of my moms car after hours of flips on your parents trampoline). I've been dying to see pictures from your wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and CONGRATULATIONS. I should be back in Cali for vacation this summer, so we will have to get together! Miss ya!