Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Work at Dunder-Mifflin, Irvine Branch

We may not sell paper, but our product is equally dull to those of us charged with marketing and growing the business. And we have many of the same employees...

Our Michael Scott is not a petite man, but a rather large, athletically built man. Though the inappropriate humor and cluelessness about managing employees remains identical. We recently went to Hooters for his birthday lunch. Enough said.

We have the distinct pleasure of having not one, but two Dwight Schrute characters. Neither is a beet farmer from Amish country, but one is a Jewish mother who thinks she runs the place and has an opinion and some self-proclaimed expertise about EVERYTHING, and the other is a tobacco-chewing redneck who tries to blend in in the OC and is all about gaining exposure to the executives. Or maybe he's our Andy Bernard.

Our Pam Beesly is slightly hotter and slightly sluttier than Jenna Fischer, but has a similarly dull job, consisting mostly of answering phones, copying and faxing, distributing mail, and running personal errands for our two fraternal co-presidents.

Our Jim Halpert is young, not super-ambitious, and I'm pretty sure he has the hots for our "Pam".

Our Ryan Howard is my boss' boss, and although he's young to be in such a role, he is very sharp.

Our Kelly just left. She was a talker with NO FILTER whatsoever, always wanted to be involved in everyone's business, thought she was a fashionista but was never actually that cute, and I think secretly had the hots for one of the execs.

Our Oscar quit regrettably soon after I started. But we're hiring, so I have high hopes of getting a gay man in here to round out our workplace diversity. Plus, if our old "Oscar" was ever in the closet, it was a closet with no doors.

Our Angela isn't so much a religious fanatic, but she's pretty high-strung and very straight-laced and shockable. And she dresses equally as conservatively.

Our Toby is our new HR person, so I don't know much about her yet. But from my initial interactions, I'd say she's going to try to rein in our "Michael" with some new policies and procedures.

We're a small team, so we're missing some key characters -- Meredith, Stanley, Jan, Karen, Creed, Kevin, Phyllis, Roy, etc. There's actually some crossover in characters with our employees, so the antics are no less entertaining.

And who am I, you ask? I prefer to think of myself as part of the film crew. Or maybe just a casual observer of the Orange County small company worker bee, taking notes for future episodes.

Are you a Dunder-Mifflin employee? Find out which one here.

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Soula said...

I was going to ask who you were.
I am glad you are back to blogging.