Wednesday, April 05, 2006


What would be the proper name for a male bridesmaid? It's something that I've recently been seeing with increasing regularity at weddings -- men in the bridal party along with the traditional female bridesmaids. Dave was in a friend's wedding over the weekend. On the bride's side. He wasn't on the groom's side, so you wouldn't call him a groomsman. So I've decided that he is a bridesman. Or perhaps a manmaid. ;-) Your thoughts?

In any case, he looked very handsome. And I have to give him credit for being secure enough in his manhood to carry a bouquet! At least he got to wear a tux, instead of a bridesmaid dress!

The wedding was in Palm Springs at a swanky resort, and the weather was perfect. I'm definitely a fan of the destination wedding. It's a nice excuse for a weekend getaway for the guests, and for the couple it helps shrink the guest list to a more reasonable (and affordable) size.

We're thinking a vineyard might be a romantic setting for our own nuptials. But I promise, that's all the planning we've done for now.


Edge said...

Ummmm, you call them gay.

Don't know why people are doing this. I guess in an attempt to be different.

Just don't ...

no ...

Men on the right women on the left. Period.

I'm sure it was nice, but if you really want a guy friend in the wedding, make him a groomsmen and add a bridesmaid.


Anonymous said...

In December of 2006 I was a groomslady for by best friend. Thank GOD I was able to talk my best friend and the bride out of me and the other groomslady wearing the tux they suggested.

My husband was just asked to be his sisters "Man of Honor". whatev

Anonymous said...

Way to reply to a year old post, honey... i'm sure everyone has been sitting by their computers waiting for your response with bated breath... :-)

Nicole said...

I am getting married in April 2008 and I have one of my best friends, who happens to be a male, on my side with my bridesmaids. i call him my bridesman. He has been my best friend for over 10 years and really wanted him to be part of my special day. My fiance has only known him 1 1/2 yrs and is not that close with him. and he is not at all GAY!! he is secure enough with himself to do this. i'm not ur traditional girl so i see no problem with this unlike some people who obviously do. its the 21st century people!!!