Monday, March 20, 2006

Red is NOT the New Blue

Yesterday was a pretty big day -- we went shopping. For my engagement ring! And although I don’t get the final word on the ring that will be purchased, and although I don’t get to know when or where or how he is going to ask that very important question, I am so excited when I think of spending my life with this man that I can hardly wait!

Neither one of us has been engaged or married before, so this was a completely new experience for us. And it was definitely a little overwhelming. But still, so much fun!

We visited all the jewelers at a local upscale shopping venue. We received numerous lessons on the four “Cs” of diamonds – color, clarity, cut, carat. We tried on hundreds of rings to find the shape and size and design that looks best on my dainty little hand. In the end, we kept coming back to one particular style that we both loved.

Having a pretty good idea of what we wanted at this point, we decided to make our final stop at Cartier to take a peek at their selection. Now, I realize that Cartier is a high-end store, but I thought it was in roughly the same category as Tiffany & Co., where I shop fairly regularly. So I expected that there would be at least a few things there in our price range.

Our sales representative was very helpful. We tried on nearly every ring they had on display. She detailed the history of Cartier and provided some general information on their financing plans (the very fact that they have financing plans should have tipped me off to the horror that my eyes would soon behold!). She explained how you pay a little more for the Cartier name and the red box, but that the pieces hold their value better because of that Cartier inscription.

Then I tried the ring. The very same style we fell in love with hours before at another jeweler. The one that will likely be worn on my hand for the next 50+ years. (Unless he completely throws me for a loop and chooses something else.) It was exquisite. A 2-carat, nearly flawless, round brilliant diamond perfectly set on a platinum and pave-set diamond band. With a matching eternity wedding band. I can’t adequately describe how beautiful it looks on my hand. When I took it off my finger, I caught a glimpse of the price. And that’s when I almost fell over.


Surely, it was a misprint. Maybe the comma was in the wrong place. Or maybe that wasn’t in U.S. Dollars. Because how could a ring possibly cost as much as a luxury car? Especially when the center stone is only 2 carats! I mean, the exact same ring was just under $10,000 in every other store!

Not wanting to seem like I didn’t belong there, I tried to regain my breath and finish our conversation. When we left, I asked my love if he happened to see the price tag. He told me he, too, had almost had a heart attack.

Apparently, we’re just not Cartier kind of people.


Carl Spackler said...

have you and your significant other looked at the Lucida ring at tiffany's?

by the way, i don't have i-tunes but now i have reason to get it!

C. said...

Hey babe!! My old blog is out of commission, but I have started my new one.. I have missed hearing from ya!! Hope all is well with you... Been fighting a lot of fires down here in Texas lately..And playing soccer a lot lately too... I talk to ya soon


Newlywife said...

Congratulations! Very Exciting! I didn't shop for engagement rings (my roommate had strict instructions that she passed on to my husband to be) but I LOVED shopping for a wedding ring...

Diamonds make you smile don't they?

Amber said...

Congrats!!!! I hope when you DO get the ring that you post a picture. Ring shopping is so exciting...especially when you love diamonds. Like I do : ).

Karl said...

$66,000 ?!?

That just may be more than the value of all the cars I have ever owned! Yikes.

I see that you're participating in the Lost Blogs project this week. Thought I'd drop in and say hello. I look forward to reading your entries this week. (Ugh, I'm still wrestling with which character I'm going to do.)