Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Little Blue Box

I have purchased many things from the store with the signature blue box over the years. In fact, nearly every man in my life has, at some point, received a gift wrapped in a little blue box with white satin ribbon tied in a perfect bow. And yet, I have never received a gift in the coveted blue box. Got a ring once, and even that didn't come in the blue box.

It's not even a status thing. I promise. It's just that the jewelry and other items that they sell are superior in quality. And don't I deserve the very best?

My boyfriend and I celebrated Christmas last Sunday, because we would both be spending the holidays with our families on opposite coasts. And while I still longed for a gift in the little blue box, this was our first Christmas together and I did not expect that this would be the year I would finally get it.

The first gift I opened: a wireless router. Not on my wish list. But it was meant as a joke, and I get it. He always complains that he can't use his laptop at my house. (Yes, I still have a desktop.)

The second: lingerie. Even though it was from
my favorite lingerie store, so far, both gifts were more for him than for me. He is usually so romantic and thoughtful, but I was beginning to question how well he really knows me.

Moving on to my third gift - the one in the Victoria's Secret bag. I was sure it would be pretty, but not exactly what I wanted for Christmas. But inside the shiny pink bag lay the most beautiful turquoise blue box my eyes ever did see, complete with perfectly-tied satin ribbon. That would have been enough, but then inside the long-awaited little blue box was a beautiful pearl necklace. I never used to think I was a pearl girl, but when I put on the necklace, I became a believer. They are so smooth and radiant and heavy on my skin. And I feel so elegant and grown-up when I wear them. (And a little like Bree Van De Kamp.)

And so my years of waiting for the little blue box ends. Here are some simple (if also slightly cliche) truths that I now believe whole-heartedly:

  1. Good things do, in fact, come in small (preferrably blue) packages.
  2. All good things are worth waiting for.
  3. Do not judge a book by its cover (or, in this case, a package by its wrapping).

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is good to those of you who have been nice, and even better to those of you who have been a little naughty this year.


Miladysa said...

I am so happy for you.

Happy New Year Nicole x

Carl Spackler said...

i don't know who this "boyfriend" guy is but he is one lucky dude. hope you had a wonderful christmas and a great new year!